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Judô 2018

“O judô pode ser considerado como uma arte, uma ciência, ou uma filosofia do equilíbrio, bem como um meio para cultivar o sentido e o estado de equilíbrio”. — Jigoro Kano

“Juniors 3 – Directions Project”

Our Juniors 3 students had the challenge of being tourist guides giving information to the Teens! Each student selected a city, did a guided search and created their map, with the places of the city. In the activities of speaking and role play, the students intended to give information in a satisfactory way, such as […]

“Kids 4 – Knuffle Bunny Project”

By means of our project, based on the Knuffle Bunny trilogy, our bilingual students had contact with one of the most respected authors worldwide: Mo Willems. So they made their own Knuffle Bunny, with our school places and our mascots Penny and Denny. The children learned to name the places and objects of the school […]